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The Refugee Services program is 100% federally funded. Florida has the largest refugee population in the nation. Based on state data, over the last five federal fiscal years (FFY 2010-2014), 145,354 eligible refugees, entrants, asylees, parolees, and Certified Victims of Human Trafficking arrived to Florida. During the three quarters of SFY 2014-15,  30,902 arrived. This includes federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) adjustments due to secondary migration from other states to Florida and from Florida to other states. The resettlement of refugees is governed by federal law - Refugee Act of 1980, Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980, Regulated at 45 Code of Federal Regulations s. 400, s. 401, and s. 402.86, F.S. Admission to the United States of other categories of persons eligible for Refugee Services is also governed by federal laws and policies.

2016-17, Quarter 1 Program Data

Refugee Services 2016-17, Quarter 1 Program Data
Measure July August September Quarter 1
2016-17 Total
New refugees arrived to Florida 5,087 4,801 3,777 13,665 13,665
Refugees placed in unsubsidized employment 1,505 1,672 1,634 4,811 4,811
Refugees granted Employment Authorizations 1,103 1,302 1,148 3,553 3,553
Refugees who received services 50,085 48,749 47,572 61,714 61,714