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Total Child Fatalities With A Critical Incident Rapid Response Team Response in :

The Critical Incident Rapid Response Teams (CIRRT) were created by the Florida legislature in 2014 (and went into effect Jan. 2015) to rapidly determine the need to change policies and practices related to child protection and child welfare (Ch. 39.2015, Florida Statutes). Read More

A CIRRT investigation is required for all child fatalities reported to the department in which the deceased child or another child in the family was the subject of a verified report of abuse or neglect during the previous 12 months. The teams are made up of at least five professionals with expertise in child protection, child welfare and organizational management.

The team's reports are available below when it has been determined that the child died as a result of abuse or neglect. Reports for cases labeled "CIRRT complete/Investigation pending" are available upon request and will be redacted in accordance with Ch.39 and Ch. 119, Florida Statutes. Read Less

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Fatalities By Causal Factor

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Verified Prior
with Family in Past 12 Months

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County Date Of Death Age Causal Factor Verified Findings Verified Prior with Family in Past 12 Months Provider Involvement Narrative

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