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Are you a current employee, former employee, or applicant for a position with a State Agency or a State Agency’s contractor?
I am reporting this matter under CFOP 180-4
I am requesting protection afforded under the Whistle Blowers Act
(s. 112.3187 - 112.3189, Florida Statutes).
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Falsified official records
Created false or fictitious client files
Wrongful use of position, employees, or equipment for personal gain
Wrongdoing by management
Retaliation against an employee
Revealed confidential information
Improper use of public money
Contract fraud
Did not follow laws, rules or policies when making a contract or purchase
In contracts or making purchases the employee takes bribes, makes illegal bids, receives awards or fails to monitor a contract, has a conflict of interest or disobeys a rule

Complaints must be submitted in writing and will be reviewed upon receipt. A determination will be made either to open an investigation or submit to the appropriate office for handling. The more specific information that you provide us, the better we are able to assist you.