Managing Entity Enhancement Plans

2017-18 Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) Agreement

The Baker Act, The Florida Mental Health Act

Advance Directive Workgroup Report

Instructional Manual for Reporting Acute Care Services Utilization (ACSU) Data

Section 394.9082(10), Florida Statutes (Senate Bill 12), requires the Department of Children and Families (department) to develop and maintain standards under which managing entities and their network providers shall collect and submit acute care services utilization (ACSU) data into the department database. This statute also directs the department to analyze ACSU data and submit an annual legislative report not later than January 31st. This manual provides guidance to managing entities and their network providers for collecting and reporting the ACSU data in accordance with s.394.9082 (10), F.S.

Combined Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)

Crisis Stabilization Services Utilization Data Implementation Status Report

Care Coordination Framework

Family Intensive Treatment (FIT) Evaluation Report

Annual ME Contract Compliance Report

Consolidated License Report

Behavioral Health Planning Tool

Community Action Teams (CAT)

Informed Families of Florida Report

Annual Report of the Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council

Services Plan

Block Grant

Peer Services

DCF Poster i155 - Your Rights While Receiving Mental Health Services

DCF Pamphlet 155-2 - Mental Health and Substance Abuse Measurement and Data

Recovery Residence Report

Evidence-Based Programs Used by Managing Entity Provider Networks

Availability of Services by County

Assessment of Behavioral Health Services in Florida