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Managing Entities

The department contracts for behavioral health services through regional systems of care called Managing Entities (MEs). These entities do not provide direct services; rather, they allow the department’s funding to be tailored to the specific behavioral health needs in the various regions of the State. 


Provide guidance with Managing Entity Grants, Providers and Monitoring Document.

Incident Reporting and Analysis System

The Incident Reporting and Analysis System (IRAS) is an online incident reporting tool that enables the Department to collect and analyze information about critical incidents that occur in substance abuse and mental health facilities.

Substance Abuse Licensing and Regulation

TheSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office is responsible for oversight of the licensure and regulation of all substance abuse providers in the state. Licensure Services are required to administer and maintain a comprehensive regulatory process to license service providers and professionals who provide substance abuse services to individuals and families who are at risk of or challenged by substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Providers Currently Licensed by the Department

If you are looking for services or confirming if a provider is licensed by the Department, please use this listing  as it will be updated monthly. If you do not find a provider on this list, then the Department does not currently license it. If you believe there is an error on the list, please contact your local Licensure Specialist to rectify the error.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Information System

Login to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Information System (SAMHIS)

Disaster Behavioral Health

Disaster Behavioral Health in the wake of a disaster, individual, group and public support services are available, free of charge, through our community based partners in recovery.

Know About Trauma

Mental health symptoms are often shared with reactions to traumatic events. Be prepared to recognize and offer trauma-specific services when needed. Learn More About Trauma

SAMH Fingerprinting & Screening

Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)