XML Data Sets and Reference Documents

Revision History

This table will list the latest revisions to the Financial and Services Accountability Management Systems (FASAMS).  Links will be provided to the most current version of the document which may not be the actual revision listed on the page.

Date Document Description of Change
8/31/2018 Provider Data Set Removed restrictions.
8/31/2018 Treatment Episode Data Set Changes to wording for clarity.
8/31/2018 Subcontract Data Set New fields added.
8/31/2018 Service Event Data Set Modified Business Rules.
8/31/2018 Waiting List Data Set New rule added.
8/31/2018 Data Code Values Changes to codes. See Revision History.
8/31/2018 FASAMS Web Services Initial document.
8/31/2018 Introduction Initial document.
8/31/2018 Security Initial document.

XML Data Sets

Data Set Instructions XML Schema Last Revision Testable Date
Provider Data Set Provider XML Schema 8/31/2018 6/8/2018
Client Data Set Client XML Schema 5/21/2018 6/8/2018
Treatment Episode Data Set Treatment Episode XML Schema 8/31/2018 6/8/2018
Service Event Data Set Service Event XML Schema 8/31/2018 9/17/2018
Waiting List Data Set Waiting List Schema 8/31/2018 9/17/2018
Acute Care - Data Set Acute Care -XML Schema 6/13/2018 9/17/2018
Subcontract Data Set Subcontract XML Schema 8/31/2018 9/17/2018

Reference Documents