Substance Abuse

The SAMH Program is the legislatively appointed state authority for substance abuse, mental health, and methadone designation. The program is governed by Chapters 394 and 397 of the Florida Statutes and is responsible for the oversight of a statewide system of care for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of children and adults with serious mental illnesses or substance abuse disorders.

Recovery Residence Administrators and Recovery Residences

Pursuant to section 397.4871, F.S., and section 397.487, F.S., the Department of Children and Families shall approve at least one credentialing entity for the purpose of developing and administering a voluntary certification program for recovery residence administrators and residences. Read more.

Certified Recovery Residences

Certified Recovery Residence Administrators

The Florida Certification Board has initiated a new credential for Recovery Residence Administrators. The public can search the Florida Certification Board’s credential database to determine if a specific Recovery Residence Administrator is certified or is in the process of becoming certified. A list of all persons certified as Recovery Residence Administrators can also be obtained by searching in the Certification Fields section using “Certification Type: Addiction” and “Classification: Recovery Residence Administrator.” Click on this link to access the search page.

Personal Stories: The Impact of Treatment

sound icon Have you ever wondered what treatment is like? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office continues to support the journey of recovery by presenting Personal Stories.

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