Council Members

  • Dr. Sofia Castro
    Director of Office of Suicide Prevention
  • Dr. Gene Cash
    Florida Association of School Psychologists
  • Sgt. Shannon Seiple
    Florida Sheriffs Association
  • No Designee
    Suicide Prevention Action Network USA
  • Jackie Rosen
    Florida Initiative of Suicide Prevention
  • Judy Broward
    Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Tara Sullivan
    American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
  • Karen Brill, Designee
    Florida School Board Association
  • Dr. Dan Reidenberg
    National Council for Suicide Prevention
  • Larry Dixon
    State Chapter of AARP
  • Dr. Louise Ritchie
    Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association
  • Dr. Kim Gryglewicz, Designee
    Florida Counsel for Community Mental Health
  • Dr. Carly Paro
    Florida Counseling Association
  • Alisa LaPolt
    NAMI Florida
  • yellow ribbonGretta Jones, Designee
    Secretary of Elder Affairs
  • Shay Chapman, Designee
    State Surgeon General (DOH)
  • Dr. David Wheeler, Designee
    Commissioner of Education
  • Jack Plegge, Designee
    Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Dr. Gayla Sumner, Designee
    Secretary of Juvenile Justice
  • Dr. Dean Aufderheide, Designee
    Secretary of Corrections
  • Seth Montgomery, Designee
    Executive Director of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Alfred D. Carter, Designee
    Executive Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Dr. Sofia Castro, Designee
    Secretary of the Department of Children and Families
  • Traci Jones, Designee
    Executive Director of the Department of Economic Opportunity
  • Stephen Roggenbaum
    Governor’s Appointee
  • Donna M. Schulz
    Governor’s Appointee
  • John M.Popson
    Governor’s Appointee
  • Open Seat
    Governor's Appointee