Student Support Resources

Most foster youth want to go to college but need extra support and services to get there and succeed. In one survey of Florida foster youth, 70% had a goal of attending and graduating from college; however, less than 5% of foster youth actually go on to receive a bachelor’s degree. The educational resources listed below are compiled to help a caregiver, Case Manager, or GAL volunteer navigate through the education system. Preparing for college begins in preschool!

Scholarships and Funding Opportunities:

Local Support Programs

Campus support programs that are specifically designed for foster youth can be a great resource while attending college.  The range of services provided by these programs varies considerably and can include personal and academic counseling, financial assistance, housing, mentoring and much more.  The most accurate information about each program can be gained by directly contacting the program to learn more about what their program offers. In addition, programs to support the educational needs of students challenged by social and economic barriers, known as Student Support Services, are available at every public college and university.

K-12 Programs for Foster Youth

Campus Coach Initiative

Research on Education and Foster Youth

Research and information about educational issues and services for children in out-of-home care.