Reach Logo with three arrows pointing outward and on pointing inward and the work Reach

Supporting Foster Youth Reaching for Higher Education


The mission of Florida Reach is to improve post-secondary outcomes and career transitions for foster care youth and alumni through support, resources, networking and determining collective impact.

  • Support: Florida Reach helps organizations and individuals determine how they can best serve youth and alumni of foster care.
  • Resources: Our website and resource guide centralizes resources available to youth and alumni of foster care in Florida.
  • Networking: Our statewide and regional meetings, and monthly conference calls allow professionals to connect and maximize resources.
  • Collective Impact: Network members collect quality data to better inform policies and practices that lead toward increased outcomes that benefit youth and alumni of foster care in a holistic way.

Target Partners

Network membership is open to all interested community members. Our target partners include postsecondary education institutions’ staff and campus champions, youth and alumni of foster care, middle and high school guidance counselors, educators and staff, community organizations and other service providers, caregivers and mentors, the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Education, local college access networks, courts, law enforcement and juvenile justice system, career and work force services, housing champions.

Are you a community organization that offers support for youth and alumni of foster care? Become a part of the Florida Reach Network and make your organization accessible to thousands of youth across the state of Florida.