Transitional Support Services

  • Short-term funding (3 months with new application for additional 3 month terms).
  • + Other services
  • Plan to include specific tasks to complete or to make on-going progress towards completion.
  • Upon TSS termination, young adult would be eligible for EFC and/or RTI if attending school at 9 or more credit hours.
  • Also eligible for continuation of any non-financial services provided through new After Care Program.

Duration of Grand Fathering

March 30, 2014, since each term of TSS is for a max of 3 months.  Under policy and practice, this program was never considered to be on-going, so each new request is considered a new application for services, rather than a renewal.          

Legal Authority

§ 409.1451(5)(c); Rule 65C-31.005

Discharge from Program

  • Conceptually, young adult could be discharged for material breach of TSS plan.
  • Practically, because of the short time-period for services, consequences only came at the end of the 3 months, and would result in denial of the new application.