Extended Foster Care


 At the age of 18 have been residing in licensed foster care.


 Attending high school or working on GED; or

Enrolled in college or vocational education program; or

Employed at least 80 hours per month; or

Participating in a program designed to promote or eliminate barriers to employment.; or

Have a diagnosed and documented disability that would prevent you from participating in any of the activities listed above.

In order to stay in the program, you must:

Meet with a caseworker every month

Continue to participate in at least one of the activities listed above

Attend Court reviews every six months

If you leave the program and want to get back in:

You must submit an application to your community based care lead agency for eligibility determination. Rules governing this re-entry process are currently in development.

Living Arrangement Options

There are a variety of choices for where you will live.  The first choice is for you to remain in your foster home, but the choices are: 

  • With a licensed foster parent.
  • In a licensed group home.
  • In a supervised living arrangement (i.e.: college dormitory, rental home or apartment).

For More Information

For questions regarding eligibility visit: