Created in 2001, the Office on Homelessness was established as a central point of contact within state government on homelessness. The Office coordinates the services of the various state agencies and programs to serve individuals or families who are homeless. Office staff work in conjunction with the 17-member Council on Homelessness to develop state policy.

The Office is responsible for coordinating resources and programs across all levels of government, and with private providers that serve the homeless. It also manages targeted state grants to support the implementation of local homeless service continuum of care plans.

Data on the homeless conditions in Florida, using information provided by the network of local homeless coalitions, is contained in the annual report of the statewide Council on Homelessness.

The Draft of the 2017 State of Florida Annual Action Plan is now available for public comment.  The comment period is July 17th to July 31st.  Please send comments regarding this plan to Erik.Braun@myflfamilies.com