For First-Responders

The Safe Sleep Campaign first responder effort expands on successful programs implemented by Ft. Lauderdale Fire-Rescue and Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Broward County and Manatee County Sheriff's Office. The campaign was tested at the local level by the Tallahassee Fire Department.

Below you will find FREE online continuing education courses. These courses help first responders identify unsafe sleep situations and take preventative measures.

Online Courses

Printed Materials

First responders can also receive FREE printed materials to distribute to families. If your station would like free materials, please email .

Portable Crib Collection

Many stations have volunteered to be designated as drop-off locations for new pack n plays (portable cribs) donated by the community. Local Healthy Starts will collect and distribute pack n plays donated to the stations. To be listed as a designated drop-off location, please contact .