Bird feeders

The nature walk to gather materials for this project gets the kids out exercising in the fresh air while having fun and learning!


  • Peanut butter
  • Pine cones
  • Cord/yarn/string
  • Bird seed
  • Butter knife
  • News paper/plate/pan


  1. Take children on a nature walk and gather pine cones to take back to class. While on your walk, talk about nature along the way.
  2. Tie cord/yarn/string around the top third of the pine cone.
  3. Spread peanut butter around the pine cone
  4. Spread bird seed on newspaper/plate/pan
  5. Roll pine cone in bird seed until thoroughly covered
  6. Have children select a location for the bird feeder outside and hang it by the string
  7. Talk about the activity as a part of your lesson plans


Create a silly dance!

Sit in a circle. Sing a simple song that highlights an action, like Row, Row, Row Your Boat or Pop Goes the Weasel. You could even make up your own class song! Go around the circle and ask every child to come up with a dance move to go along with a part of the song. At the end, put the whole dance together and have a silly class dance session!

Stride like a Giant

Also known as walking lunges. Place your hands on your hips and bend your knees as you take a giant step forward. For each step, bring the next foot forward with the knees bent. You can play tag and instead of running, players lunge as they try not to get caught. Walking lunges really work the hamstrings and glutes.

Skip & Hop

Teaching children how to skip and hop helps improve their coordination while providing a cardiovascular workout. Jumping and hopping movements create an impact on the skeleton which increases bone density. To make a game out of it, create a finish line and have the children hop forward and then skip back to see who wins.

Game of Hot Lava

An imaginary adventure game where players pretend they are escaping an active volcano. Randomly scatter sheets of paper on the floor (can also use pillow cases, towels, mats). Work your way across the room by jumping and leaping from paper to paper without touching the "hot lava" (the floor). This activity will increase your heart rate and pose a challenge to see who can cross the room first, as well as make children more spatially aware.