Early Literacy

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Child Care Standards

402.305(2), 402.313(6) and 402.3131(5), Florida Statutes

Approved Early Literacy and Language Development Programs

View a list of Approved Early Literacy and Language Development Programs, or click here to link to the Department of Children and Families CCTA Training Portal. From this page you can register for the Department of Education's instructor-led course "Emergent Literacy in the VPK Classroom," as this course can also be used to satisfy the Early Literacy and Language Development training requirement.

Who is required to complete the Early Literacy and Language Development mandate?

Sections 402.305(2), 402.313(6), and 402.3131(5), F.S., require child care personnel in facilities, large family child care homes and family day care homes to complete 5 hours or 0.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) of approved training in early literacy and language development of children from birth to 5 years of aged. This is a one time requirement.

About the On-line Early Literacy and Language Development Curriculum

In conjunction with subject matter experts, a project advisory team, curriculum designers and adult learning experts, the Child Care Services Program launched "Early Literacy for Children Age Birth to Three" --- the first course in the Child Care Training Series. The primary focus of "Early Literacy for Children Age Birth to Three" is to demonstrate how child care professionals can use everyday activities to provide experiences that will prepare this age group to read and write in the future. Many helpful features (including user friendly navigation buttons, bookmark capabilities, a study guide, a closed-captioning option, an audio script, and an extensive help menu) assist the learner in accessing and retaining the information contained in the course. Completion of this course will meet the statutory requirement for literacy, as well as 5 hours of the required annual in-service training. A certificate of completion will serve as documentation and may be printed at the conclusion of the training course.

For more information, please contact:
The Background Screening and Child Care Training Information Center opened on September 3rd as an expanded version of the original call center.  Call toll-free 888-352-2842.