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News and Announcements

New Online Training Courses Available

The Department of Children and Families, Office of Child Care Regulation is offering 3 new courses: Safe Sleep Practices, Guide to School-Age Program Quality Standards and Self-Assessment, and Child Growth and Development.

Safe Sleep Practices (SAFE) is a 1-hr online course for caregivers to become familiar with safe sleep-related practices for infants and toddlers. This course provides an overview of appropriate methods, tips, and requirements for ensuring infants and toddlers are safe while they sleep, and be less likely to experience injury or death as a result of unsafe sleeping practices.

Guide to School-Age Program Quality Standards and Self-Assessment (SALT) is a 12-hr online course which is a combination of two courses: The 4-hr Standards for Quality Afterschool Programs (SQAP), and the 8-hr Quality Self-Assessment and Improvement for Afterschool Programs (QSAI), of which the content of the two individual courses have not changed. What is different is individuals will now register for a single course and upon completion of both courses (SQAP and QSAI) will have access to a single CEU assessment and competency exam.

Child Growth and Development (CGDR) is a 6-hr course offered on-line or as instructor-led. The CGDR course describes basic principles of child growth and development, and developmentally appropriate practices. Individuals that have completed the Child Growth and Development (CGAD) course prior to July 5, 2016 will have until March 31, 2017 to register for the competency exam. Individuals that completed the Child Growth and Development (CGD or CGAD) course to meet the Part I or Family Child Care Home training requirements do not have to retake the course. Individuals may choose to take the new course (CGDR) to earn CEUs or in-service credit.

These courses are available under Training and Credentialing.

-Posted 07/27/2016-

Upcoming Provider Meetings

Child Care Regulation Updates Presentation

Each region will be hosting a provider meeting to discuss recent federal changes to Child Care regulations and Background Screening requirements. You will find each scheduled meeting further down this page with the same title.

-Posted 07/15/2016

6M-4.620 – Health and Safety Checklists and Inspections (School Readiness Program), Notice of Proposed Rule

A Notice of Proposed Rule for the Florida Office of Early Learning’s School Readiness Program, Rule 6M-4.620 - Health and Safety Checklists and Inspections, was noticed in the Florida Administrative Weekly on July 8, 2016. A public hearing, if requested in writing within 21 days of the notice of proposed rule, will be held via webinar on Monday, August 1, 2016 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., EDT, or until business is concluded, whichever is earlier.

Register for the webinar at

Proposed rule materials are available on OEL’s website at:

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Molly Grant at 850-717-8578 or

-Posted 07/12/2016


Dear Child Care Provider:

On November 19, 2014, the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 was signed into law. The new law prescribes health and safety requirements that include changes to background screening requirements that apply to all child care providers and requires more information be available to parents and the general public about child care choices. The new federal requirements required changes to Florida law governing screening for child care employment.  Beginning July 1, 2016, new elements will be included in a background screening for all child care personnel, which include searches of the National Sex Offender Registry, state criminal records, state sex offender registries, and child abuse and neglect registries of all states in which the child care personnel resided during the preceding five years. 

Action steps required by provider for new and five year re-screening of personnel starting July 1, 2016:

  1. Complete a searchin the Clearinghouse prior to sending staff to a live scan provider for screening to determine:
    • If the individual is not found after a search, there is no prior screening in the Clearinghouse, select “Initiate Screening.”   
    • If the individual is already in the Clearinghouse, with a Clearinghouse screening available and a status of DCF Child Care Eligible, the individual does not have to go to a live scan vendor for fingerprinting again.  Eligibility will be based on the fingerprints retained in the Clearinghouse. You may add the individual to your roster.
    • If the eligibility indicates an Agency Review is required, you must select “Initiate Agency Review. This is no cost to you as a provider.  This will provide you with an updated Florida Criminal History Public Record.
    • If there has been a break in service of 90 days, you must select “Initiate Resubmission.”  You will receive an updated Florida Criminal History Public Record.
    • Upon hire, becoming a household member, substitute, or volunteer, immediately add the individual to your program roster. 

    Important Note:  All fingerprinting must occur through a Live Scan compatible vendor.  Check the listing in the Clearinghouse prior to initiating and scheduling an appointment with a vendor.  Fingerprinting from a vendor that is not Clearinghouse compatible cannot be processed by DCF for the purposes of a clearance for child care employment. 

  2. The fingerprint results from the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be returned to DCF via the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  DCF will review both the federal and state criminal history results, along with state criminal records, national sex offender registry, and the child abuse and neglect registry. 
  3. DCF will issue an eligible or non eligible result for employment through the Clearinghouse upon completion of searches and results from other states, if applicable.
  4. DCF will send a letter/email to the employer advising of the search of the Florida’s child abuse and neglect registry.
  5. The employer/owner/operator must conduct employment history checks, including documented attempts to contact each employer that employed the individual within the preceding five years and documentation of the findings.
  6. The employer/owner/operator must send a request for a search of each state’s child abuse and neglect registry if the individual has lived outside the state of Florida in the preceding five years.  Visit, click on the Out of State Abuse Registry Check link to obtain the instructions and forms to complete to submit a request for a search.  Documentation of the date the search was requested, and the date the results were received, must be maintained in the employee’s file for review by the licensing authority.
  7. The employer/owner/operator must conduct a search of the sexual offender/predator website in Florida via , and any state the individual has lived in outside the state of Florida in the preceding five years. Visit, click on the Out of State Sexual Predator/Offender Registry Check link to obtain the instructions and forms to complete to submit the request for a search. Documentation of the search date, and findings from each state, must be documented in the employee’s file for review by the licensing authority.
  8. The employer/owner/operator must maintain on-site at the program copies/documentation of completion of all applicable elements in the screening process for an individual in the personnel file for review by the licensing authority.
  9. Failure to initiate the screening through the Clearinghouse prior to fingerprinting will result in invalid screening and the individual will have be re-fingerprinted and pay the fees again.
  10. Immediately remove individuals from the program roster when employment terminates.

Rescreening of all Owners, Operators, Child Care Personnel, Substitutes and Volunteers hired/working prior to July 1, 2016. 

The Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization of 2014 requires each state, including Florida, to certify that all individuals working in child care have been screened and are eligible to work in child care based on the new elements of background screening.  To facilitate this certification, child care facilities, before and after-school programs, religious exempt child care providers, large family child care homes, family day care homes, nonpublic schools and public schools providing child care, must rescreen personnel to include all owners, operators, child care personnel, household members, substitutes, and volunteers by May 31,  2017. 

DCF requests that providers begin scheduling rescreening as early as September 2016 for anyone who was screened prior to July 1, 2016.  Providers will have nine months to rescreen all required owners, operators, child care personnel, household members, volunteers, and substitutes. 

Failure by the state to certify compliance with the Criminal Background Screening Checks in Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 could result in the loss of funding to the state to support school readiness families and the child care programs that serve those families.

DCF staff are available to answer questions or assist with Clearinghouse access and account set up.  We look forward to working together to ensure Florida is in compliance with the New Child Care Development Block Grant Reauthorization Requirements.  For direct assistance, please contact Background Screening Help Desk at 1-888-352-2842 or send an email to background screening unit at .

-Posted 07/01/2016

Upcoming Provider Meetings

Each region will be hosting a provider meeting to discuss recent federal changes to Child Care regulations and Background Screening requirements. Please see flyers below for information on provider meetings in your region.

Please note the RSVP requirements for each meeting.

Northwest Region Provider Meetings:

Date: Tuesday, August 23rd 2016                                               Time:9am-11am

Location:Panhandle Area Educational Center (PAEC)- 753 West BlvdChipley, FL 32428

Register here:

Date:Tuesday, August 23rd2016                                 Time:1:30pm-3:30pm

Location: Bay County Public Library - 898 W. 11th Street Panama City, FL 32401

Register here:

Date:  Wednesday,August 24th 2016                                        Time:  9am - 11am

Location: Office of Economic Self Sufficiency - Brent Processing Center, Room 7

33 Brent Lane, Suite 104, Pensacola, FL  32503

Date:  Wednesday,August 24th 2016                                        Time:  2pm - 4pm

Location:Northwest Florida State College - Student Services Center, Room 302

100 College Blvd, Niceville, FL  32578

Date:Thursday, August 25th2016                                                Time:9am-11am, 1pm-3pm or 6pm- 8pm

Location:Leon County Human Services Center - 1000 W. Tharpe St Suite 15Tallahassee, FL 32303

Register here:

Date: Saturday, August 27th, 2016                                     Time: 9:00am-11:00am

Location: DCF Office of Economic Self Sufficiency, Rm 7, 33 Brent Lane, Suite 104, Pensacola, FL 32503

Register Here:


Northeast Region Provider Meetings:

Date: Tuesday, August 2nd 2016                                                 Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: Christ Central Preschool & Daycare – 359 Southwest Dyal Avenue, Lake City FL 32024

Contact: Please RSVP (352) 415-6297

Date: Tuesday, August 2nd 2016                                                 Time: 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Location: Tacachale- ADP Building – 1621 NE Waldo Road, Room #6, Gainesville, FL 32609

Contact: Please RSVP (352) 415-6297

Date: Wednesday, August 3rd2016                                           Time: 10:00 am- 12:00 pm, 2:00pm-4:00 pm

Location: 6133 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32217

Contact: Please RSVP (904)485-9564

Date: Thursday, August 4th 2016                                                Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Volusia County Health Department – 1845 Holsenback Drive, Meeting Room 516C Daytona Beach FL, 32114

Contact: Please RSVP (386) 481-9264


Central Region Provider Meetings:

Date: Monday, July 25th 2016                                                      Time: 9:30am -11:30am

Location: DCF Waterman Office - 1100 SW 38th Ave., Ocala, FL  34474 (near 75)

Contact:Please make your RSVP, to Doris Olarte at (352) 330-5728

  or Mary Angela Clement at (352) 330-5636

Date: Monday, July 25th2016                                                       Time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Location:Department of Transportation - 801 N Broadway Avenue, Bartow, FL

Date: Tuesday, July 26th 2016                                                     Time: 9:30am-11:30am

Location: Emma Jewel Charter Academy - 705 Blake Avenue, Cocoa FL 32922

Date: Tuesday, July 26th 2016                                                      Time: 2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Location: Hiawassee Branch Library - 7391 W Colonial Drive Orlando FL 32818


Suncoast Region Provider Meetings:

Ft. Myers on 8/31 and Tampa on 9/1 and 9/2.  Location and times to be announced.


Southern Region Provider Meetings:

Date: Tuesday, July 12th 2016                                                      Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm or 1:30pm-3:30pm

Location: D. A. Dorsey Educational Center - 7100 NW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33147

Contact:  Please RSVP (786)257-5207 or via email to

Date: Wednesday, July 13th 2016                                               Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: St James Children’s Center - 87500 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036

Contact:  Please RSVP (786)257-5207 or via email to

Date: Wednesday, July 13th 2016                                             Time: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Location: Dept. of Children & Families Key West Office - 1111 12th St. Suite 304 Key West, FL 33040

Contact:  Please RSVP (786)257-5207 or via email to

-Posted 06/29/2016