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Upcoming Provider Meetings

Each region will be hosting a provider meeting to discuss recent federal changes to Child Care regulations and Background Screening requirements. Please see flyers below for information on provider meetings in your region.

Please note the RSVP requirements for each meeting.

(Flyers will be added as regions finalize location, dates and times.)

-Posted 06/29/2016

Deadly Danger: Infants on Air Mattresses

CPSC has received reports of 40 infant suffocation deaths in the last five years, of infants who were placed to sleep on air mattresses. Infants can suffocate on an air mattress or can become entrapped between the mattress and bed frame or mattress and wall. Never place infants to sleep on air mattresses or other soft surfaces (such as water beds and adult beds), which are not specifically designed or safe for infant use. Even properly-inflated air mattresses are usually too soft for infants to maintain a clear airway. For a safer space for baby use a crib or play yard that has a firm, tight-fitting mattress and tight fitting bottom sheet without any blankets, bumpers, pillows or stuffed animals.

  • Never place infants ages 15 months old and younger to sleep on an inflatable air mattress
  • Always place baby to sleep on his or her back in a crib or play yard that meets current standards

The Deadly Danger Air Mattress poster is easy to download and print, email or post for sharing with those you care about.

Find more tips and free materials to help people in your community become informed at our NSN website.

As always, thanks for spreading the word and helping to make your community safer.

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Safety in Numbers
Thanks to members like you sharing the safety tips and resources included in these messages, communities are being empowered with the knowledge to keep families safe. Please continue to encourage people and organizations with similar safety concerns to sign up at to receive Neighborhood Safety Network messages that put the power of product safety information in their hands. 

-Posted 06/20/2016