New SNAP Benefit Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing about my SNAP availability (pickup) date?

Currently SNAP pickup dates are assigned to customers over a 15 day period. The new dates will spread them out over a 28 day period.

Why are SNAP availability (pickup) dates changing?

The pickup dates are being extended over 28 days so your local grocery stores can spread out food inventory better during the month. This should help keep commonly purchased items available to you.

How will I know what my new SNAP pickup date is?

Current SNAP customers were sent a letter or email telling them their new SNAP pickup date. If you did not receive this letter or email, please log in to your MyACCESS Account to view your notices.

The notice says benefits will be “split” in March. What does that mean?

Your regular March benefit amount will be split in half and will be available to you in two deposits on your EBT card. You will receive the first half on your current pickup date and the second half will be available on your new date

Why are the benefits going to be split?

To help SNAP customers spread their food benefits out during March and April while they make the change to their new date.

Will my benefits be split in March if I am renewing my SNAP?

If you are renewing SNAP benefits and your case is approved after February 18, 2016, your benefits will not be split in March. You will be assigned right away to the new 28 day cycle.

When will the new date start to be my regular pickup date?

In March you will get half of your benefits on your current date and half on your new date. In April, and each month after that, you will receive your entire SNAP benefit on your new date.

How were the new dates assigned?

The ACCESS Florida system assigns benefit availability (pickup) dates based on the case number you receive when you become eligible for food assistance. The new dates were assigned by your case number.

Is this change permanent?

Yes, in April you will receive SNAP benefits on your new availability date, and the date will stay the same for the rest of your eligibility period.

What happens when I renew my benefits?

If you renew your benefits, you will keep the same new availability (pickup) date.

Does this change the amount I receive each month on my EBT card?

No, the change in your pickup date does not change the amount for the month. But remember, in March the amount will be split into two deposits - half on your current date and half on your new date.

Can I opt-out of this change?

No. Most SNAP customers in Florida will be changing their pickup date, and there is no option for customers who are changing to be excluded or to opt-out.

I am concerned that I won’t have enough food to make it to my new date. What should I do?

The split benefits in March was designed to help customers budget their SNAP benefits. We have also sent information to the grocers, community partners, and many of your local food banks and pantries. If you are concerned about your needs, please contact a community partner in your area:

Are group homes affected by this change?

Most people in group homes are assigned a case number that would not be affected by this change. Some other customers, such as senior citizens in the SunCap program, will not have a change in their pickup date.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about this change?

You can log into your MyACCESS account online to view your notices from DCF or you can call the ACCESS Customer Call Center at 1-866-762-2237 and speak to a customer service agent.

Note:  The Customer Call Center agents are not able to adjust the new date you have been assigned. The date is assigned by the case number you received when you became eligible for SNAP benefits.