DCF, Partners to Educate Central Florida Teens about Human Trafficking

For Immediate Release:
January 5, 2016

DCF, Partners to Educate Central Florida Teens about Human Trafficking

ORLANDO – The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) recently partnered with The Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force (GOHTTF), Just Do Something…Anything (JDSA) and Crimeline to coordinate a project designed to create awareness and educate Central Florida teens regarding the dangers of Human Trafficking.  Together DCF, GOHTTF, JSDA and Appleton Creative assisted in the development of four colorfully designed posters created with the teen population in mind.  The posters depict strong graphics, bold text and calls-to-action with messages regarding the dangers of Human Trafficking.  The goal of the campaign is to keep human trafficking on the forefront of the teen population's minds and remind students of their value and worth as well as provide avenues for help.

"Being a teenager in this day and age can be very challenging.  The teen population is often lured and recruited into the tragic and dangerous world of Human Trafficking, so it is critical that as a community we focus our prevention efforts with our schools.  This campaign is a great example of those efforts and what successful collaboration across all sectors of business, government and community can bring," DCF Regional Director William D’Aiuto said. 

In addition to the posters a tri-fold brochure was developed with additional information on Human Trafficking, which targets school personnel, parents and students and is also being distributed as part of the campaign.  Crimeline has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the campaign by providing funding through the Attorney General's Crime Stoppers Trust Fund. Crimeline's Speakout program, which is already working with public schools across Central Florida, serves as a "hotline" for the Anti-Bullying Campaign and has generously offered to serve as the contact for students, teachers and parents to report Human Trafficking.

"Awareness for students is an investment in their lives and is beneficial for the community as a whole in recognizing the signs of human trafficking in their neighborhoods." This campaign is a result of years of effective collaboration in our community," said Tomas Lares, Chair of the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force.

The number of schools participating and the amount of students being reached by the campaign is below.  The goal of this campaign is for the posters to be displayed in all middle and high schools across Central Florida. 

  • Orange County
    22 High Schools – 54,566
    38 Middle – 40,752
  • Seminole County
    12 Middle Schools -14,857
    12 High Schools -21,400
  • Osceola County
    8 High Schools – 16,500
    8 Middle Schools – 9,012

Media Contact:
Kristi Gray, DCF Communications Director, 407-770-8777
Tomas Lares, Chair of the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force, 321-246-0660