Critical Incident Rapid Response Team Report – Phoebe Jonchuck

Feb. 9, 2015

Critical Incident Rapid Response Team Report – Phoebe Jonchuck

In response to the death of Phoebe Jonchuck, a Critical Incident Rapid Response Team (CIRRT) was deployed to assess the investigations and interventions with Phoebe’s family prior to her death.

Statement from DCF Secretary Mike Carroll:
Phoebe’s heart-breaking death points to some of the most challenging issues we struggle with in child welfare - mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence. The events on the day of Phoebe’s death evolved quickly, and in response we immediately put new protocols in place at the Abuse Hotline to ensure we are equipped and prepared to respond more quickly and effectively. Even one child death is too many, and I will not tolerate anything less than 100 percent for the children we are charged with protecting.

The CIRRT process has already proven to be an effective tool, guiding us to make critical changes to improve our practices. Based on this review, I am confident that the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office Child Protection Investigation Division will double down on their commitment to deploy the Safety Methodology and address the staffing challenges they face. Working together, we will continue to tighten the safety net to improve our system and practices and recommit to doing everything in our power to protect children from harm.

CIRRT Report:

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