Children in Foster Care Get a Chance to Go ‘Home for the Holidays’

For Immediate Release: December 24, 2014

Children in Foster Care Get a Chance to Go ‘Home for the Holidays’
More than 1,400 children visit relatives or get adopted in time for Christmas

TALLAHASSEE—Thousands of children in foster care have been able to go “Home for the Holidays.” The Department of Children and Families (DCF), its community partners and dependency judges statewide have worked together to ensure more than 1,400 children in foster care will spend time with loved ones over the holidays.

DCF Secretary Carroll said: “Working together, we can provide memories that will last a lifetime for our kids who may not get opportunities to see their siblings, grandparents or others very often.”

More than 920 children will visit relatives in Florida and out of state this month. Another 527 children will spend their holidays as part of a new forever family through adoption. The “Home for the Holidays” initiative works to expedite placements by finalizing adoptions with new moms and dads and requesting amended visitation so children may spend time with their family during the holiday season.

The initiative requires collaboration from Community-Based Care lead agencies, attorneys, judges, guardians, foster families and case managers. In many circumstances, the effort requires expedited background screenings, court orders and travel arrangements. The state’s 18 Community-Based Care agencies frequently pick up the cost of the children’s travel if the family is unable to do so.

Media Contact: Michelle Glady, DCF Press Secretary, 850-717-4450