Child Care Providers Pleased with DCF Inspections, Licensing Process

For Immediate Release:
February 28, 2013

Erin Gillespie
Press Secretary
(850) 717-4450

Child Care Providers Pleased with DCF Inspections, Licensing Process
Annual report shows 50 percent reduction in provider concerns

TALLAHASSEE—Department of Children and Families child care employees license and inspect more than 7,200 child care facilities and homes to ensure the safety of hundreds of thousands of children across Florida every day.

A new survey of child care providers released today shows an increase in satisfaction with DCF licensing staff who hold these providers to many standards of safety, well-being and health.

"Our employees in child care work diligently with child care providers to make sure the homes and facilities where children spend so much of their day are safe," said Secretary David Wilkins. "This survey shows how much our staff are appreciated and highlights the collaboration with thousands of providers even while maintaining our top priority – safety."

More than 97 percent of respondents agreed that the licensing counselor thoroughly inspected the facility. About 95 percent agreed that the licensing counselor was courteous and professional and was able to provide helpful information to any questions.

Child care licensing employees inspect homes and facilities for a wide range of issues – from health and safety factors to compliance with documentation, background screening and training of employees. Most centers will fall out of compliance on minor issues from time to time. This survey showed that when there was an issue of noncompliance, the facility scored our counselors at 96 percent for clearly explaining the issue and 93 percent for providing technical assistance to correct the issue at hand.

Only 4 percent of respondents had concerns about the licensing and registration process, a 50 percent reduction from last year.

The survey began in 1998 and was mailed to a randomly selected sample of child care providers. In 2008, we began offering the survey online to every licensed provider. This year, the survey was offered to 7,259 child care homes and facilities. Responses were returned by 2,024.

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