Changes Coming to SNAP Availability Dates

January 29, 2016

Changes Coming to SNAP Availability Dates

TALLAHASSEE – Starting in March 2016, Florida’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will be making a change. Currently SNAP benefits are deposited on Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards over a 15 day period. The new schedule will spread out the deposits over a 28 day period. All dates are assigned based on the customer’s case number.

In March, most SNAP benefits will be split into two EBT deposits to assist with adjustment to the new dates. Customers will receive half of their benefits on the current date, and the other half on the new date. In April, and each month after that, customers will receive their full benefits on the new date. 

Monthly deposit totals will not be affected because of this change. The schedule is changing to 28 days so grocery stores can spread out food inventory better during the month to help keep commonly purchased items available to their customers. 

The Florida Department of Children and Families determines eligibility for food assistance based on federal requirements. More details on the new SNAP dates are available online at

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