Independent Living Services Advisory Council Webcast Meeting

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Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:00
4001 Pelee Street
Orlando  Florida  32817
United States

Subject: The purpose of the meeting is for the Independent Living Services Advisory Council to conduct general Council business and continue their efforts for redesigning the Independent Living program and services.


Background: As required by 409.1451(7) F.S., the Independent Living Services Advisory Council was created by the Florida Legislature with the "purpose of reviewing and making recommendations concerning the implementation and operation of the continuing of care for young adults and the Road-to-Independence Program." Each year the advisory council prepares and submits a report to the Florida Legislature and the Department of Children and Families on the status of the services being provided, including successes and barriers to these services.


The Council is committed to continuing to seek ways to redesign the program to help youth in foster care and young adults transitioning to adulthood have more security and stability as they obtain the life skills and education necessary to become self-sufficient, successful adults.


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Contact: Becky Pengelley, Department of Children and Families, phone 850.717.4218 or email

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