Public Meeting

Miami-Dade Refugee Task Force Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to increase awareness of the refugee populations, share best practices, spot trends in refugee populations, build collaborations between agencies, help create good communication among service providers, get informed about upcoming community events, and discuss refugee program service needs and possible solutions to meeting those needs.

Modern Day Slavery: Creating Strategies and partnerships in Combating human Trafficking

Designed to increase partnerships and strengthen outreach and education in the field of human trafficking, this forum will offer training and educational assistance to law enforcement, lawyers, healthcare & social service providers, teachers, religious institutions, students and the community at large on issues related to the crime of human trafficking for what it is-A Violation of Human Rights.

ACCESS Florida Rule Workshop: SSI-Related Medicaid Income Eligibility Criteria

Proposed Rule 65A-1.713, F.A.C., adds language for Veterans Administration income and the Department’s policy of such income. Included in this proposed rule amendment are wording and technical changes of a non-substantive nature improving the overall content of the rule. If requested in writing and not deemed unnecessary by the agency head, a rule development workshop will be held at the date, time and place shown above. For more information on the rule or to request special accommodations to participate, refer to the October 9, 2012, Vol.

ACCESS Florida Rule Hearing: Income and Resource Criteria

 Proposed Rule 65A-1.716, F.A.C., increases the average monthly private pay nursing facility rate used in the Medicaid eligibility determination process. If requested within 21 days of the Florida Administrative Weekly publication, a hearing will be held. If not requested, this hearing will not be held. For more information on the rule or to request special accommodations to participate, refer to the September 14, 2012, Vol.


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