Public Meeting

Monroe County Community Alliance Meeting

The public are invited to attend Community Alliance Meetings which include the subcommittees for Substance Abuse/Mental Health, CHANCE Coalition and CAPP LPT. The purpose of the Community Alliance is to strengthen and advocate for a cohesive system of care that will ensure child safety and well-being in a manner that is family centered, community based, outcome oriented, culturally competent, timely in its responses and accountable. For more information please call Katie Teyshak at (305) 293-6344.

Independent Living Services Advisory Council: Parenting Teens in Foster Care Workgroup Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is for the members of the ILSAC Parenting Teens in Foster Care Workgroup to discuss the issues and obstacles faced by teen mothers and fathers in foster care, define the scope of this problem and identify best practice models for serving this population.

For  more information visit the meeting page.


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