Public Meeting

Independent Living Services Advisory Council Conference Call Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is for the Independent Living Services Advisory Council to conduct general Council business and continue their efforts of reviewing the implementation and operation of Extended Foster Care, Postsecondary Education Services and Support, and Aftercare Services. 

Council duties include but are not limited to Assess, Advise, and Report on: 

Council on Homelessness Quarterly Meeting Call

GENERAL SUBJECT MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED: COUNCIL ON HOMELESSNESS QUARTERLY COUNCIL CALL. This conference call will address the committees’ continued development of policy recommendations and work tasks to address the Council’s Annual Report on recommendations to end homelessness in Florida. A copy of the agenda may be obtained by contacting: Erik Braun, Director, Office on Homelessness, (850)922-9850,

Tampa Bay Refugee Task Force Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to increase awareness of the refugee populations, share best practices, spot trends in refugee populations, build collaborations between agencies, help create good communication among service providers, get informed about upcoming community events, and discuss refugee program service needs and possible solutions to meeting those needs.


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