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In 1997, I was part of a community research committee in Putnam County responsible for reviewing the privatization model out of Kansas in preparing our community for the pending privatization of foster care services. During this process, community leaders recognized that many agencies and individuals played a significant role in keeping children safe and well-nurtured. We understood that child welfare is more than DCF, the CBC and the Courts. It is a dynamic system with many players and is very connected to and dependent upon other community systems for its success. This is what I believe to be at the core of the community alliance concept and its continuing importance to improving the local system of care.

Every day, I feel so fortunate to be part of a community that has an existing framework that is specifically focused on the needs and outcomes of its citizens. Our “way of work” is about community partnership, collaboration and the full consideration of our entire service delivery for a wide span of populations.

Some of our responsibilities include serving as a catalyst for community resource development as well as becoming the driving force in identifying areas within our local system of care that requires further focus, study and action. You will become part of a group that will be providing community education and advocacy on issues related to delivery of services but most importantly, you will help in identifying gaps in the provision of services within the system and link community partners to fill those gaps.

My purpose for bringing this framework to your attention today is to showcase just how united our communities are in our commitment to children and the many families we benefit. By joining this effort, you will enhance our drive to do what’s right for our community and the families we serve. That being said, I welcome you to the Circuit 7 Community Alliance.

Calvin Martin
Alliance Chair
Circuit 7 Community Alliance
Putnam County Government Representative