Provide Leadership in the promotion of accountability and integrity of State Government.

 The Office of Inspector General is established in each state agency to provide a central point of coordination and responsibility for promoting and ensuring an enhanced level of accountability, integrity, and efficiency in government relationships with the people it serves. In accordance with section 20.055, Florida Statutes, which requires the Inspector General (IG) to be appointed by, report to, and be under the general supervision of the agency head, the Inspector General reports directly to the Secretary. Organizationally positioned in the Office of the Secretary, the Office of Inspector General is comprised of three sections: Investigations, Internal and Single Audit, and Appeal Hearings. Each section operates out of field offices located throughout the state, with the exception of Internal and Single Audit.

Committed to excellence and striving to work with a sense of urgency, the Inspector General maintains total independence in order to accomplish the following assigned duties and responsibilities:

  • Directs, supervises, and coordinates audits, investigations, and management reviews.
  • Conducts, supervises, and coordinates activities that promote economy and efficiency and prevent or detect fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Reviews actions taken to improve program performance and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Keeps agency heads informed about fraud, abuses, and deficiencies and recommends corrective measures.
  • Ensures effective coordination and cooperation between the Auditor General, Federal auditors, and other governmental entities.
  • Reviews rules relating to programs and operations and makes recommendations regarding impact.
  • Advises in development of performance measures, standards, and procedures for evaluation of programs.
  • Assesses the reliability and validity of information provided on performance measures and standards and makes recommendations as needed.
  • Ensures appropriate balance between audit, investigative and other accountability activities.

Investigations Complaint and Management System

Complaints come from a variety of sources. In addition, if you become aware of an actual or suspected wrongdoing, fraud, waste or abuse, as an employee, you are required under CFOP 180-4 to report directly to OIG. All complaints are reviewed by the investigative staff and either referred to management for action, answered with existing information, investigated, or referred to law enforcement or another agency.

How to Contact your IG:

Headquarters, Tallahassee:
Tallahassee (North Regional Office):
Orlando (Central Regional Office):
Ft. Lauderdale (South Regional Office):
Tampa (Suncoast Regional Office)

Other avenues of reporting complaints include:

Get Lean Hotline: 1-800-438-5326

Whistle-blower Hot Line: 1-800-543-5353

EEO, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation complaints are handled by your local EEO Office, the Office of Civil Rights, or the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR).